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Welcome to the website for Alice Gilgoff, licensed midwife, author, La Leche League Leader, certified childbirth educator, doula service owner, and (most importantly) mother. This site will enable you to.


  • Receive information on ordering HOME BIRTH, Alice Gilgoff's landmark book on this childbirth option.
  • Email Alice to ask questions on childbirth, midwifery, and parenting.
  • Receive up-to-date information on topics that will help you make childbirth and parenting decisions in the best interests of your children. 
  • Link to the website for, to receive postpartum doula services in the New York City/Long Island area, from one of the oldest doula services in the country (incorporated in 1987).

What's New Now

Have you heard about the new study that states Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) is not as safe as once thought? But have you read this study? Did you notice that the women who were offered vaginal birth after cesarean were women who were given Pitocin to induce their labor? Do you think it is possible that the Pitocin caused unnaturally strong contractions which is what contributed to the increased amount of uterine rupture? Most midwives think so. As a result of this study, many midwives are precluded from offering vaginal birth after previous cesarean. But ask your doctor or midwife if this study was fair; is it possible that the increased risk was because the women were given Pitocin, rather than having contractions from going into labor naturally. What do you think?